Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Choice photoshoot due NOW!

Photoshoot is Due Today!!

your choices were...


Tomorrow is your last day in class to edit! We will be presenting in class on Thursday and Friday! You will be recieving a ZERO in the grade book if you are not ready! You will have a ZERO for all of spring break if you are not ready..

UPLOAD up tp THREE Photos for a chance to be in FVC art show at MCC!
HERE is the link>>>>> FVC Art Show

*Resize your images to 11X14

EXTRA CREDIT-- Use the light ring in class to edit portraits! My before and after of Ann is below..

Monday, March 18, 2019

Choice Photoshoot!

The choice photoshoot was NEON- WINDOW/GLAS OR SUPER CLOSE UP

We will critique in class on Thursday and Friday this week!
(friday is pep rally and will be shortened class periods)

If you do not have your photos take a selfie or a photo of a friend with the ring light!

Then use the technique for making a watermark for a custome stamp in the background..

Here are my examples

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Protecting your photography-- The Watermark

Guess whos birthday it is!!!

Today we will be creating watermarks!

"The disadvantage of using a watermark is obvious. It introduces a distracting visual element that doesn't belong in an image. The effect of a watermark on an image ranges from mildly distracting at best, to ruinous at worst. When I see a photograph with a watermark, the watermark is almost invariably the first thing I look at. If it's large and obtrusive, it's also usually the last."- Photographer Don Peters

Learning Target for today--I can create a custom stamp in Photoshop that reflects my photography style .

Pros of Watermarks
  • Watermarking gives you exposure when photos are shared. As your name is on the image, people will know about you. 
  • Watermarking protects your work. People won’t be able to steal your work, as your name is on it. 
  • Watermarks can help you brand your company- People will start to recognize you by your logo

This is bad...
Cons of Watermarks
  • Watermarks can look ugly if done poorly
  • Watermarks can be distracting
  • The do's and don'ts  of the watermark >>Click HERE

Learning Target for today--I can create a custom stamp in Photoshop that reflects my photography style .

By the end of class tomorrow should have two watermark options to represent their photography.
-One watermark should be ONLY text
-One watermark should be Text and a Symbol
-Extra- create a third option.

Make sure your watermark looks classy in multiple colors and represents a "vibe" for your photography. Post your watermark on your blog AND share it on our Google Community..
Here are some of my watermark designs for my
Food Photography.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Finish Critique!!

We are finishing the censorship critique today!! Starting to think about the next photoshoot..

Tomorrow and Friday we are talking about watermarks!



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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Monochroatic DUE

Add your favorites to this slideshow so we can discuss them!

We will be talking about them TODAY and TOMORROW in class.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Last day for portfolio

your portfolio us DUE TODAY! no extensions.

Everyone should we working on monochromatic! I will be walking around marking off if you have it or not tomorrow! This will be the first grade in the gradebook so you will either have a 0 or 100%

See you tomorrow!